Q : “How often should I surface my ball”?      gary h., Santa Rosa Ca                

A: Depends on how often you bowl and how your ball is performing. If you bowl once a week, you may need to apply surface once a month. On the other hand, bowling twice or more a week may require you to surface as soon as every couple weeks. If your ball is performing fine, remain cleaning it and surface only as needed.

Q : “ I pull the ball across my body . What causes this”?   jack s., Topeka

A : Normally hanging on to the ball too long. This could be caused by an improper fit, as in the span being too short or a loose thumb hole. Try adding Bowlers Tape to the thumbhole 1 piece at a time until you can start to relax your grip. This is common in the winter months as it gets cooler.

Move a little:

Off your strike target, move your feet a couple boards (or inches) to the left and your eyes one board (or inch) to the left of where you were spotting. This will give you a slight angular move with very little angle change.

If your ball is barely hitting the head pin (going light), it is time to make a move to the right with your feet and your eyes. Move your feet a couple boards to the right and keep your target the same. This also creates a slight angular move that will get you back into the pocket.

Make sure to watch what your ball is doing,  and that you threw it well, so you can make the correct adjustment to stay one strike ahead of your opponent. The approach is wide and has a lot of space for adjustments, so don’t be afraid to continue to move until you feel you are back where you need to be,.......... striking!

"Move on the approach? But I’m comfortable where I am at. I like standing on the big dot and looking at the second arrow."

Well, with that philosophy you might find yourself at the bottom of the bowling sheet. Making moves on the approach will help you to maintain your strike target throughout the night and being open minded to moves you don’t often make, can put you one step ahead of your opponent.

Once you find your strike target, as the ball goes high on the head pin ( or touches the 2 pin for a right-hander, the 3 pin for a left-hander) it is time to move on the approach so your ball is flush in the pocket once again.

I've heard this a hundred times!

Your Competitor says you are "Old School" and there is new technology to drilling balls.  Bea s., Petaluma,Ca               

A:  There is new technology in laying out balls , but not fitting. All the technology in the world won't make up for an improper fit. I have over 45 years of experience in fitting and drilling balls, so come in and talk over your needs for your next ball. I will definitely not BS you with telling you that I can make the ball do something that it is not capible of doing.



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