Pandemic Specials


Polyester Balls

Reg. $99.95

Sale $89.95

Entry Resin

Reg. $119.95

Sale $109.95

Any bag an additional

$5 off

Because of the Virus, I have had many customers ask about getting their own ball, bag, or shoes so they don't have to worry about contaminated bowling equiptment. So Classic Sports Pro Shop is offering some  deals to help you stay safe. Buy a ball and get a discount, add a bag and you will get an additional $5 off, add shoes and get an another $5 off !!!!! Please call for an appointment.

Upgrade Resin

Reg. $134.95

Sale $124.95

Any Pair of shoes an additional

$5 off

Purchase a Ball Special get the $10 off regular price.

If you add a Bag, get $5 off the Bag too !

If you add a pair of Shoes, get another $5 off !