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There is a lot to think about when choosing your next ball. First, think about what your real needs are. Don’t just pick a ball by its “Looks” or “Hype”. Ask yourself, “Is my ball getting into its roll too soon,or is it finishing too late”? What works for one persons roll doesn’t necessarily work for another. If a ball gets into it’s roll too early, it does all it’s hooking up front, then “Rolls out” and hits weak. On the other hand, a ball that gets too far down the lane, and hooks late, tends to leave a lot of “Corner Pins”. There are a number of factors to consider: Ball Speed, Ball Weight, Axis Tilt, Rev Rate, Ball Surface, Core Design, Drilling Layouts,  and Lane Conditions. Most bowlers don’t think of these things as they go to pick out a new ball. That is where an experienced, knowledgeable Pro Shop owner can be of tremendous help. These Pro Shop owners have spent considerable time, effort, and money in learning todays “New Technology”. Remember,... when you buy a ball, you are not only paying for the ball, but also the Drilling. If you save $15 going to a less qualified driller, ..... what did you really save ? In the coming weeks, I will try to cover each of  these different aspects and explain the importance of each factor individually.        -nick

Picking your next ball

Q : “When should I clean my ball ?

A : As soon as you are done bowling! Many wait until just before their next session. This unfortunately allows the oil that is on the ball, time to absorb into its shell, thus creating a ball that is “oil soaked”. An “oil soaked” ball reduces friction on the lane and loses its prior hooking capabilities. Visit your local Pro Shop and have them safely remove the oil and restore your ball’s surface to factory specs.

How Bowling Balls Are Made

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