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The goal of this website is to not only showcase products and services that we offer, but to also include a little history, stories, shop talk, and have fun with the wonderful world of bowling! I will not be selling balls, bags, & shoes online as I feel it is a detriment to the bowling industry. The Pro Shops can not survive on the small margins of profit that the internet maintains. If the Pro Shop goes under, who will drill your ball or give you that last minute adjustment just before league starts? Who will you talk to about your next ball? I will however, sell other products that not all Pro Shops supply. Products on my PRO SHOP page are for my local customers only. All other pages are for all “BOWLING BUM” fans. We will be continuing to add pages of products, ideas, photos, and information that will hopefully entertain the “Bowling Bum” in all of us! Please be patient and check back often as we continue to grow.   -nick